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Agricultural Fuel Deliveries in Devizes, The Pewsey Vale, Marlborough and Surrounding Villages

Fuelling Your Farm

As an independent local fuel oil company serving the largely rural area around Devizes, Marlborough, and The Pewsey Vale we have earned a reputation for being the farmers’ friend.

The local farming community means a lot to us. Over the years our regular tanker drivers have got to know their agricultural fuel oil customers personally when delivering their gas oil, road diesel and kerosene. When you deal with Vale Oils you’ll get old-fashioned personal service.

We understand the seasonal cycles that govern life and activity on the farm, so we can anticipate your needs as they fluctuate through the year, and our fuel delivery service is flexible enough to cater for you accordingly.
You can rely on Vale Oils to have your fuel oil there when you need it, delivered promptly when it’s convenient for you. We know the smooth and efficient running of your busy farm depends on having fuel available without delay, so we deliver straight from the terminal. This also helps us pass on savings.

We limit our farm fuel oil delivery area so that we can concentrate on giving the best possible personal service when our local farmers need us most, such as during the harvest period.

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Our Quality Farm Fuels

Vale Oils supplies premium Gas Oil (Red Diesel), Kerosene and Road Diesel direct to your farm from the terminal.

Gas Oil

Also known as Red Diesel, or 35-second oil, is the specialised tax-rebated off-road diesel fuel, infused with red dye, which is used to power a wide variety of farm machinery such as tractors and combine harvesters.

Road Diesel

On-road diesel, or “white diesel” as it is known, keeps your rough, tough diesel-powered farm vehicles and private cars up to par for use on public roads when you need to get to places.


Farms depend to a great extent on Kerosene for heating purposes. It’s a liquid fossil fuel, derived from the refinement of crude oil, favoured for its long shelf life, efficiency and cost-effectiveness when heating large buildings like barns. It burns cleanly and has low emission levels.

Besides these essential agricultural fuels Vale Oils also has a premium gas oil additive available for delivery, which contains a special all-in-one treatment to condition your fuel, improving the running of diesel engines, stabilising the fuel during storage, and improving fuel economy.

Our Farm Fuel Deliveries

Vale Oils are committed to customer service. We know that our farming friends don’t have time to countenance unreliable deliveries or poor communication from their fuel oil provider.

This is why we ensure our local delivery drivers build a relationship with our clients in the countryside, so that we build up mutual trust.

Having a genuine interest in the agricultural sector in the area, we take the time and trouble to support the local farming community as best we can. We do this by scheduling fuel oil deliveries on an extremely flexible basis, securing the best prices possible, and always being available to offer advice about fuel storage and other related issues.

We offer several delivery options at different prices, allowing you to make savings if you order early:

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