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Fuels With Additives

Our premium fuel oils contain selected special additives that provide a range of benefits for your cooker, heating system or vehicles. There are many benefits to fuel oil additives which can save you money in the long run, lower your emissions and provide a better performance for your fuel oil supply.

We know you have a choice of heating oil companies, so we strive to be the best option for you. At Vale Oils, we pride ourselves on providing quality, premium fuel oils, we value our customers and want to provide fuel oil to keep your home, farm or business running efficiently.

Save Money

Our premium fuel option contains special additives which reduce service problems and minimises potential tank corrosion. This saves you money on expensive repairs for your heating oil supply and prolongs the life of your heating oil tank.

Cleaner Burn

The additives in our premium fuel oil supply lower the char value and reduces the build-up of carbon deposits. This works to provide a cleaner burn from your fuel oil system, improving the day to day running of your heating oil system.

Lower Emissions

Our premium fuel oil additives can even lower carbon emissions and improve system efficiency. Help the planet with these ingenious fuel oil additives providing a cleaner way to heat your home and power your farm and vehicles.

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Cooker Additives (AGA & Rayburn)

Premium Aga/Cooker domestic fuel contains special additives to improve the burn quality when used in range style cookers and boilers. This premium fuel oil also works well with vaporising boilers and increases the performance of your system. These domestic fuel oil additives reduce the build-up of carbon deposits and soot, good for when your burner ‘cokes’ up and/or fuel pipe blocks.

The domestic fuel oil additives inhibit the growth of deposits in storage tanks too, minimising potential tank corrosion and increasing the shelf life of your domestic fuel oil.

Heating Additives

Premium heating oil contains additives that lowers carbon emissions and increase your heating oil systems efficiency. The additives reduce deposits around nozzles and heat exchanger surfaces to reduce fuel oil system service costs.

Heating oil additives also prevent the build-up of sludge in your heating oil system and stabilises the fuel in the tank to increase its shelf life.

Gasoil Additives

Our premium Gasoil additive contains an all-in-one treatment to condition your fuel. This additive will improve day to day running of diesel engines and stabilise the fuel during storage, keeping it fresh for up to 2 years even when it contains 7% biodiesel. The additive will counter any negative effects resulting from the new Gasoil specification, notably the reduction in sulphur content and the increase in allowable FAME (Biodiesel) content.

Many engine manufacturers recognise the need for upgrade fuel oil additives when red diesel is used and this should not void an engine manufacturers warranty.

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